WIT Corner

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of participating in the Bluemix Women in Tech bootcamp in NY.

I kicked off the event, participated in a panel discussion, and gave a presentation about my favorite topic – the quest for agility.

What a pleasure to meet such a diverse and exciting crowd of women entrepreneurs.

Here is a summary of my kick off speech.

There are two main reasons for us being here today (1) we are passionate about technology, and (2) we are driven and practical and we know that a career in technology comes with satisfaction, reward, and with at least a manageable work-life balance.

But, there is a third reason. Whether it is intentional or not, each one of us with the choices we make, is contributing to a cultural change, a change that will generate more possibilities for individuals to live  the life they want, free of judgment, and prejudice.

We have come a  long way in our quest for gender equality, but we still have a long way to go. It is a well known fact that women in technology are still a minority (26% to be precise). It is a well known fact that there is still a salary gap. Lately, we are witnessing great cultural wars with women in technology in the bay area: some may say: “Oh gosh, this is terrible!!” But I think it is actually great! Finally,  all of the unspoken, unconscious biases rise into the surface. How many times did you hear phrases such as:  “Yes, you have a degree in CS but you are not a real geek, not a real hacker, not a real gamer! “  When these biases come in to the surface only then we can become aware and we can start fighting!

Fighting by choosing to not let these biases control us, undermine us, or quite our unique voices.

We are lucky that technology today is working in our favor to remove the barrier between innovation and self expression.

Today with platforms such as Bluemix, it is easier, cheaper and quicker than ever to get your ideas implemented, and deployed.

— end speech —

Later that day I really enjoyed giving a presentation about the quest for agility. 

More on that in another blog post.


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