I am an IBM Fellow working in the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in New York. I dedicated the last decade of my career to the challenge of simplifying software deployment and operation. I became obsessed with this problem around 2004 when I started inventing and developing the concept of a “pattern” to formally codify the knowledge necessary for  successful deployments [1][2]. Later, DevOps was invented along with “desired state” based scripting languages such as Puppet and Chef. Then, Cloud really took off; and now with the new hype around Containers and Microservices the world is a better place to live in!

In one sentence the purpose of my research is  to remove the barrier between innovation and self expression, namely,  the quest for agility.

I worry about the state of affairs with Academic research in CS. How many times do I interview CS candidates that dedicated their Ph.D. to model driven testing, or up-side-down testing optimization, but never heard of Chaos Monkey testing? The software life cycle is radically changing as a result of our ability to attain extreme agility. I will dedicate a corner in my blog to relevant Academic Research and more importantly the open areas calling for academic rigor. Watch that space students!

I am a feminist and as such I cherish diversity. I am lucky to work in a company that puts diversity as one of its core values. I am active as an inspirational speaker in Women in Technology venues, and will dedicate a corner to Women in Tech.

I suffer from a poly personality syndrome. My other areas of interest span culture, art, sailing, and all-things-outdoors.

The ideas in this blog are my own.


[1] Pattern based SOA deploymentW Arnold, T Eilam, M Kalantar, A Konstantinou, A Totok , Service-Oriented Computing–ICSOC 2007, 1–12, Springer

[2] Automatic Realization of SOA Deployment Patterns in Distributed EnvironmentsW Arnold, T Eilam, M Kalantar, A Konstantinou, A Totok , Service-Oriented Computing–ICSOC 2008, 162–179, Springer


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